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Имя: Anastasiya Фамилия:
Адрес: Город: St-Peterburg
Область: Индекс:
Страна: Russian Federation    
Рабочий тел.: Домашний тел.:
Мобильный тел.: Факс:
My Goods
Рост: 171 Вес: 51
Цвет глаз: Green Цвет волос: Blond
Возраст: 38 Дата рождения: Apr 04, 1980
Национальность: Russian Религия: Christian
Образование: High Unfinished Профессия: Education
Семейный статус: Не замужем Социальный статус: Работаю
Наличие детей: 0 Год рождения детей и имя:
Планируете завести детей? Не уверена Гороскоп: Водолей
Уровень английского: 3 Другие языки:
Обо мне:
WELCOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank that you have visited my structure. That, likely it would be interesting to you to learn some information concerning me directly. My name Anastasiya. I from Russia Saint Petersburg. To me of 29 years and my birthday March, 4. I have long light hair, green eyes and a harmonous figure. My growth of 171 centimeter and I have 52 kgs of weight. I do not smoke and I do not accept drugs. I was never married and I have no any children. I have finished the St.-Petersburg State University where have received higher education on a speciality the teacher of initial classes. Now I work in children's home as the teacher of Russian and the literature. I am fond of dances, reading of historical books, cookery, and as sports. The purpose of my reference in Internet is search of the second half and as it is simple for friendship and acquaintance to new people. For me I have no value from what country shall receive the new friend. Be it Russia, USA, Germany, Australia either what or other country. The most important for me that it was the good person and the friend with which I could speak about everything and as exchange a photo. It was only the small information concerning me directly. If my structure has interested you you can contact me. the BIG REQUEST: SCAMMERS and people which play games do not spend in empty and my time. As I do not send the naked photos. If you the good and decent person I shall be glad to our acquaintance =) whether I Hope that about what you has read here will let know in general it is necessary to communicate with each other. Once again thank that has visited my structure. Good day and excellent mood. Sincerely Anastasiya
I play in billiards
О тебе:
In the man I like first of all honesty, it is really important for me. So I like the people with good sense of humour. I like when the people are able correctly to express the ideas. I like the people which honourly to earn money. I like when the people well concern to children. I can still very long list that that I like in the people. Actually I think what everyone the man is for what to like, whether not so? In the man I hate cowardice, you see the man is a strong floor should be always self-assured. I hate when the man humiliates the woman trying to prove the correctness by force, it is not correct. I hate when the man uses a lot of alcohol and then begins to bear drunk delirium.........
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Сигареты: Нет Алкоголь: Иногда

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