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Имя: Фамилия:
Адрес: Город: Ojota
Область: Индекс:
Страна: Nigeria    
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My Goods
Рост: 163 Вес:
Цвет глаз: Black Цвет волос: Black
Возраст: 32 Дата рождения: May 22, 1986
Национальность: American Религия: Christian
Образование: College Профессия: Business/Commerce
Семейный статус: Не замужем Социальный статус: Студент
Наличие детей: 0 Год рождения детей и имя:
Планируете завести детей? Не уверена Гороскоп: Близнецы
Уровень английского: 10 Другие языки: English
Обо мне:
I am a 20 year old, A 200level Diploma Student in Business Adminstration of the Olabisi Onabanjo University(OOU) and also a Memeber and one of the board of CAD-AFRICA(THE CENTER FOR AFRICAN CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT)A Non-Governmental,Non-Profitable Charitable Organisation aim at ensuring integration of the younger generation and encouraging their growth in a fast moving socitey by bridging the gap between the old and the young. I have a passion for life, enjoys being active, traveling,Going to Live shows and Musical Concert,I enjoy partying also loves to exercise/gym almost everyday of the week and I enjoy all the wonderful and beautiful things that life has to offer. I am Full Black, 5'4ft" about 160.3meters, with Dark Short Black Hair,Clean Shaved and Energtic. I love it Casual wears eyes. I have been told that I have great sense of humor,true romantic that wears his heart on his sleeve. I am a romantic,loving,caring,passionate,affectionate,honest,understanding, shy at first meeting and sensitive guy. I believe in always being open and honest with my feelings and expect nothing less from the people I share my life and every thing with. There I live my life with these thoughts in mind: "Carpe Diem","What doesn't kills us makes us stronger", "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer". I am very hard working and completely dedicated to everything I do or what I want to achieve in life. I have always been very giving, and would take from myself it meant someone else close to me needed it. This is only a small part of who I am. But I hope it interests you to want to know more. I love to kiss, hold hands, play nice and I reciprocate my love. I love playing with kids and any ages. There is only one thing missing in my life, a love, I would like to find someone who will give as much as I do. Are you up for it!! ..Don't be a phony. If you can be yourself online, of all places, then you''ll definitely impress me. Well, if that''s your aim. Love Kind and Generous lady....Dirty Talkers.... Open Minds... Strength.... Wit.... Creativity.... Latex... YOU... Chocolate.. I like a gurl that can stimulate my mind. My body will follow... .............................................................................. ABOUT THE CAD-AFRICA... The need for CAD-AFRICA is imperative owing to the deprivation,neglect and the level of decadence facing the young generation.Years of experience has proved that the young ones rite from day one to about 18yrs are the most endangered lot owing to societal neglect associated with poverty,child abduction and prostitution,child labor.child abuse.illiteracy,civil strife,economic crises which has lead to some of this younger generation involved in illegal Venture by Mis using of the Internet Thru Internet Scamming as well as cultural norms.Statics have showned that about 5% of Youth and adult are mis-using of the Cyber for selfish means especially in my home country Nigeria. The sight of the African Child in a malnourished state is not only unpleasant but also shows to what extent societal decadence is prevalent in the midst of abundant natural resources. At CAD-AFRICA,we hold that the advancement of the African child depends not on economic abundane,but on a concerted effort by the society at large to integrate,encouraged abd develop programs that will promote their growth. We have therefore designed programmes that will be directed at the developmemt of the younger generation.These includes: seeking to counselling programmes for all ages,acting as agent for international organisations as well as engaging in sponsorship of child-related programes. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: 1. To Organise public campaigns,handbills,posters and billboards,print electronic media on child-related issues. 2. To Oragnise seminars and counselling programmes for all ages to encourage inter-relationships. 3. To seek pursue legal aids for children with special needs;abandoned abused or molested. 4. To Act as advisory agent to other National/International agencies with child-related programmes e.g UNICEF,FSP,SOS and Remand Homes. 5. To provide rehabilitation for children who are seemingly abandoned,destitute and the homeless. 6. To provide special aids to teenage youths with growing difficulties.
Tennis,Basketball,Football,Movie,Music,Outdoor funs..etc
О тебе:
Like to Meet... I looking Great Great friend,Companion,some one to give me a reason to believe and trust for that special person who can make my heart skip a beat and that can take my breath away with one simple kiss or with a few loving words..I'm looking for someone to build a relationship with,loves to travel, and loves different sights Someone where we can have fun together, but also share some nice quiet moments together. Where we can lay in each others arm and not have to say single word to know what each other is feeling. Someone who is not afraid to share their inner most feelings with me, who can be my best friend, my companion, my lover, my everything. That special person that I would be proud to share my life with...
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