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Имя: Lisa Фамилия:
Адрес: Город:
Область: Индекс:
Страна: Malawi    
Рабочий тел.: Домашний тел.:
Мобильный тел.: Факс:
My Goods
Рост: 178 Вес: 52
Цвет глаз: Brown Цвет волос: Dark Brown
Возраст: 27 Дата рождения: Feb 15, 1991
Национальность: Религия: Christian
Образование: Профессия: Fashion/Apparel
Семейный статус: Не замужем Социальный статус: Работаю
Наличие детей: 0 Год рождения детей и имя: 0
Планируете завести детей? Нет Гороскоп: Водолей
Уровень английского: 10 Другие языки:
Обо мне:
swimming, exercising, studying, playing music and watching fashion TV.
О тебе:
I'm a single, humble, considerate and polite young woman, who is very enthusiastic, goal oriented and selfless individual with non-judgemental personality. I'm an elegant woman with a good sense of style, professionally I'm a [ Fashion Model ] and fashion is a major factor in my life. I'm very outgoing person, communicative, easy going, outspoken and well educated. I'm a great believer in equality and integration, I so much detest segregation and criticisms. I like to smile and enjoy the moments when it influences surrounding people and all cheer up. I tend to build good and lasting relationships, preferring to channel my energies into something long term and worthwhile. I'm emotionally strong and do not hide my feelings under masks, I know how to give love and to be loved. I'm ready to devote all myself to the right person, I'm very apologetic and capable of admitting mistakes and my faults. I love to read books, cooking, cinema, theatre, music, animals and socializing. Simultaneously I love to enjoy the serenity of the beach or the mountains as silly as it sounds. My friends says I'm humorous, honest, intelligent, interesting and adventurous. However I'm positive minded towards others and I'm not hard to please....
Для дружбы
Мои привычки
Сигареты: Нет Алкоголь: Нет

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