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Имя: Maryan Фамилия:
Адрес: Город: Akron
Область: Индекс:
Страна: United States of America    
Рабочий тел.: Домашний тел.:
Мобильный тел.: Факс:
My Goods
Рост: 172 Вес: 55
Цвет глаз: Brown Цвет волос: Brown
Возраст: 34 Дата рождения: Feb 20, 1984
Национальность: Caucasian(white) Религия: Christian
Образование: High Unfinished Профессия: Financial Services
Семейный статус: Социальный статус: Работаю
Наличие детей: 0 Год рождения детей и имя:
Планируете завести детей? Да Гороскоп: Рыбы
Уровень английского: 8 Другие языки:
Обо мне:
I the lonely woman which search for the man. I very sociable and cheerful. I love dialogue and I like to learn new people. As I like to learn a lot of the new information as it is very useful for the person. I that girl which will always reciprocate and from which always it is possible to find common language as I am able (as speak to me my friends) it to do. At me the good sense of humour and accordingly with me is easy to find dialogue. But when me will offend I can take offence and reciprocate, because I think that to girls there should be a corresponding relation.
Very much
О тебе:
My friends would say that I am funny and a hoot to be around, but I can be a deep thinker too. I'm honest, caring, loyal. I work hard, and play hard. I would enjoy being around someone who can be funny, honest, and intellectualimportant (not in any specific order). Laughing is . Its medicine to the bones. You have to be able to laugh at yourself occasionally, as I do. I do like to go camping with my family at least once or twice during the summer. Of course the kids stay home for the winter floats. Make new friends. Laugh till we get sick, our faces hurt, and cry, and who knows what may come of it. I still believe in that little four letter word.
Для серьёзных отношений и брака
Мои привычки
Сигареты: Нет Алкоголь: Нет

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