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Адрес: Город:
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Страна: Russian Federation    
Рабочий тел.: Домашний тел.:
Мобильный тел.: Факс:
My Goods
Рост: 169 Вес: 58
Цвет глаз: Brown Цвет волос: Brunette
Возраст: 45 Дата рождения: Dec 03, 1972
Национальность: Russian Религия: N/A
Образование: High Профессия: Translation
Семейный статус: Не замужем Социальный статус: Работаю
Наличие детей: 0 Год рождения детей и имя:
Планируете завести детей? Да Гороскоп: Стрелец
Уровень английского: 10 Другие языки: Russian
Обо мне:
My name is Elena, I am from St. Petersburg, Russia. I am 5'7 tall, in good shape, I have long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I do not have any bad habits. I am single and I have no children yet but eventually I will when I meet the right man and have a family. As a person I am an active, dynamic, goal oriented (I set many goals to achieve), very persistant(when I try to achieve something), inventive, well rounded, open minded, fun loving, sociable, honest, real, very sincere, sensual, sophisticated, dreamer, emotional, affectionate, passionate and very romantic. My soul is more on the creative side - I like to play with colors, shapes and styles. I prefer to wear trendy, stylish or elegant and feminine type of clothes. Used to sing in a band when I was younger. I enjoy meeting new interesting people and seeing different cultures. I am looking for my second part, my destiny, with who I will plunge into a fairytale and give all my love, a serious relationship which will lead to marriage and family. A relationship based on love, respect and common interests. I want to give love and be loved. My goal and the biggest dream is to find my special someone and to have a family. Sounds simple but it is the most difficult part. I believe my man is out there somewhere and I believe that true big love still exists in this material world.
My Interests are: MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC! - ALL KINDS!, dance ( Ballroom and Latin),arts, crafts, computers, drawing, photography, fashion, interior and landscaping design, nature, garden, short and long distance travel, sports: swimming, skiing, track &; field, clubs, concerts, cultural events, ethnic food, cooking, meaningful conversations about things that matter in life and many more! Everything related to art.
О тебе:
My dream man is 28 - 40 years of age (max!), white, black, mixed or hispanic, in good shape, has pleasant appearance and good personality. I am not material, demanding and I am not into someone else's posessions but I do care about looks, I can't help it because that's the way I am (I have to be honest), I think everyone does even if he does not say it because there is no love without physical attraction, if both people have no chemistry - they are just cheating themselves and wasting their time. In other words I am open to friendship but I can be picky when it comes to a real relationship because I take family seriously and I like to share my life with the right person. You could be one in a million.
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