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Имя: Nils Фамилия:
Адрес: Город: Stockholm
Область: Индекс:
Страна: Sweden    
Рабочий тел.: Домашний тел.:
Мобильный тел.: Факс:
My Goods
Рост: 185 Вес: 89
Цвет глаз: Blue Цвет волос: Blond
Возраст: 59 Дата рождения: Sep 24, 1958
Национальность: Религия: N/A
Образование: College Профессия:
Семейный статус: Не замужем Социальный статус: Работаю
Наличие детей: 1 Год рождения детей и имя:
Планируете завести детей? Да Гороскоп: Весы
Уровень английского: 10 Другие языки:
Обо мне:
Well, I am a strong confident, down to earth, independent man that knows what I want. My life is about family, friends and things that really makes me happy. I am a goal-getter and I have set high goals on myself and my life in general. Once I set my mind into something, I need to finish it. whether the outcome is good or bad. I am in the moment in life right now where I am growing a whole lot...trying to eliminate stressful situations and people that doesn’t bring happiness in my life, which is very hard...but it’s a growing thing... I am also devoting a lot of time to grow spiritually...I’ll have to wait and see where that path leads... My motto is "there are no problems, only solutions". Bottom line is...I just want to be happy...and "chill".
Skiing, summerhouse, daughte, canoeing
О тебе:
Somebody that has a good head on her shoulder, woman enough to appreciate something good when she sees it...and embrace me and everything that I am about. Confident without being arrogant....kind without being boring...someone that takes pride in who she is and how she carry herself...I also like a woman that takes care of herself physically, mentally and spiritually... I am not into playing around and i already had my experiences with "scared" women...Definitely allergic to drama...Need something real to hold on to :-)
Для серьёзных отношений и брака
Мои привычки
Сигареты: Нет Алкоголь: Иногда

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