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(Personal Dating Profile)
Contact Details
First Name: Safar Last Name: Habibee
Address: Navvab Zve. City: Meshkin Shahr
State: Ardabil Zip:
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran    
Work Phone: Home Phone:
Mobile: Fax:
My Goods
Height: 167 Weight: 58
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black
About Me
Age: 36 Birthday: Dec 14, 1981
Nationality: Asian Religion: Muslim
Education: College Profession: Architecture
Family Status: Single Social Status: Self Employed
Have Children: 0 Children Info:
Want Children: Yes Star Sign:
English Skills: 10 Other Languages: Turkish, Persian, Arabic
Watching movies, music, reading, traveling, camping, climbing, swimming, going out (I'm an outgoing person), computer, discussing … everything that is interesting :) I love pets
Searches For
About You:
My thoughts about marriage I don't like and want to give a lecture, but it's my ideas and feeling, let me write them. Marriage in internet is new, but it's not possible for a boy and a girl to know each other well, I mean in details, but it's a good mean to introduce and give information to those who want to get married. man and woman without any preferences to each other are honest, beautiful, heat giving, relieving, and completing each other's defects in soul, and respecting each other. This is in the case that they've got married legally, and match to each other in spirit, ideas, faith and have physical and spiritual safety. The most important factors in being successful in life is to understand each other, pursuing a common goal in life, commitment to moral ethics, regularity and attempting in life. Understanding is not possible in every thing, maybe you like something and I'm looking at it in a different way, it's not the case, but understanding means to have general goals in life and be easygoing in problems. I want to be thoughtful about this and don't want to act emotionally, although it's a part of a marriage, I mean emotion, but reasonability is important. I'm very glad that I'm honest with you, I've always been honest and I ask God to be honest forever. My idealistic family is a family that man loves her wife and children and they love him too. It's in the case that man chooses his ideal wife and woman does the same. So love is important. But love itself doesn't make the family work better, I was reading something about the secret of success of great men, they were all neat, if we study the biography of some of them we'll see that they put an exact time for each thing, they had an exact time for walking as an exercise and didn't do anything else at that time, the same was right about studying, praying, listening to the world news, reading newspapers, doing housework, cleaning and … I love this type of family, each of them do their duties belong to them in time and neatly, I love to have children, you know when you are in time of marriage, you have to get married, and that's one step in perfection, years after you got married, you need children to make your air of your family warmer and warmer, but before that you have to be ready to raise and bring up them. I prefer 2 (a boy and a girl), because at this time bringing them up is so difficult. My Criteria in finding my match: I think there are four basic criteria in finding someone to marry with. The first principal: is Faith in God; you know faith protects you against so many disorders and problems which occur in the coming day and years after marriage. If someone is faithful he/she will be able to overcome problems with the help of God. The second is: Virtue, I mean after Faith, virtue is very important. Sometimes a person has faith in God but commits sins. Virtue causes you not to get close to sin, and even the thought of sin. Virtue is very important in making a man or woman perfect after marriage and bringing up children. I know so many couples whose marriage does not last for more than 1 or 2 years. I think that's because of lack of virtue. The third: is Education. Educated people understand each other. The fourth: Beauty. My match beside those that I mentioned above must be beautiful and pretty. Because I want to live with her forever and when I look at her it makes me calm and I thank God that I have the responsibility to protect this beautiful creature and pass it back to God.
Long-term & Marriage
My Habits
Cigarettes: No Alcohol: No

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